Tornare a Vivere – signed Vinyl


Pre-order now the new album vinyl of Re-X “Tornare a Vivere” out on 10 November, 2023.

The album includes tracks in both Italian and English + a Special Track. These songs are part of a journey, through the eyes of various protagonists and different scenarios that progressively delve deeper into more profound and mature themes as you continue listening to the album.
The songs are never alike; they are created to convey distinct emotions, yet they share the unmistakable Re-X style, which can be delicate or aggressive, but never predictable, consistently evoking a sense of growth.

  • Vinyl Version of “Tornare a Vivere”
  • Brand new album featuring the latest single “Il Costo Della Velocità”


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Peso 256 kg
Dimensioni 31,5 × 31,5 × 0,3 cm